Sep 02

Gundaamu Plastic Model – Part 1

It’s time to return my blog back to its original state! Expect more otaku stuff, except a bit closer to home :) We will start with something my “otaku-era” originated from: plastic model building. My first blog-project was a special version of the F-22 Raptor. It turned out pretty nice in the end after working on it for a full year (with some small/long breaks).

My old plastic model finished in 2012…

Now that I’ve returned from Japan, I finally found some time to actually build something that I purchased there. It’s not a plane, but a real GUNDAM. Yes, it’s a robot. Still fun to build though. Any Gundam theme related plastic models are called Gunpla (ガンプラ Ganpura), so you now know what the difference is if I refer to Gunpla :).

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May 26

BackTrackLog: Last hurrah!

It’s about time to wrap this one up. This last post has been stinging me for like a couple many many of months and surely everyone forgot I went to Japan. So here is my last post of my Japan internship before I revered back to my normal site (aka nothing but spam). As you all probably remember I went on a short 2 week trip after my internship ended to see some more of Japan. Instead of hanging out somewhere on the mainland, I decided to visit two island regions. One is the famous Okinawa Island and the other is the less-known but still popular Ishigaki Island, both of them are part of the Okinawa Prefecture. I’ll make a good nice post about what I did, what I saw and what I liked :smile:. First up will be the Ishigaki Islands and then chronologically the Okinawa main island.

If you see this sign during tsunami, you’re pretty screwed…

I will warn you guys this post might be a bit lengthy, but can’t do anything about that. Going out with style :cool:

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Nov 13

BackTrackLog: AnimeJapan 2014

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog :) It has almost been one year since my first Japan blog post so it is time that I start to wrap things up. My first BackTrackLog dates back to 22 March this year at Tokyo Big Sight. Being the Otaku as usual I tried to attend as many as possible anime/manga/cosplay events, sadly without a proper schedule I missed out on a lot. So the last event I attended was AnimeJapan 2014 which is the second biggest otaku event after Comiket. Before 2014 this convention was split up in two smaller organisations, but starting this year both Tokyo International Anime Fair and the Anime Contents Expo joined forces to rival the epicness of Comiket. Lucky me found out about this two months before the event started and got a 1-day ticket (2-day convention) with access to some limited access sub-events.

Is it a robot or is someone in there?…

I found a fellow otaku at Nissan who wanted to join me for the ride. It was his first time going to such convention, so it was an all new experience for both of us.

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Jun 02

Leaving Japan? Already left…

Yes, I wanted to make a farewell blog post before I left Japan. However due to crappy time management I ended up with 0 sleep and many stressful hours. In the end I didn’t have time to write a post. On 28th of May I left Japan for Hong Kong. But Victor, it is now 2 June! Yes, I had some family matters to attend here so I couldn’t access my laptop neither I had time.

So what will be the plan of my blog now? It will remain a blog, but I have to backtrack everything from my last post of 9th of April. I visited Doraemon museum mid February, this means there is a huge gap that I have to fill up. I hope that you will continue reading my blog after this post  to read my “interesting stories”.

IMG_5349aLeaving? Nope, already left…

Anyway I will give a short farewell message about the last weeks in Japan. A big farewell post about my whole experience is planned after I finished all the other yet-to-be-made posts.

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Apr 09

National Diet Building & Doraemon

I suppose you can kick me now, I didn’t post anything for a whole month. I disappointed my avid readers :( Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Prepare for lots and lots of short posts this month, I saved plenty of material to write about. I will start off with two places that I visited the end of February. The first one as you would likely have noticed is a visit to the National Diet Building in Tokyo. You might find it a strange name and it is. This government building is used for political activities of the National Diet.

It does look better than the Dutch “Binnenhof”…

I visited this building with the Meetup group I had previously joined at the Sumida River tour. For merely 100 yen you can join this tour which is really nice since it is a real hassle if you want go alone. So this Meetup was an ideal opportunity to see the famous National Diet Building.

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