Monthly Archive: December 2013

Dec 26

Daily Life and Weekend Explorations

I wanted to keep my promise about uploading photo albums and nice pictures, but sadly fast internet is still far away. On the schedule it is now planned on 6th of January. So bear with me and read my walls of text without HQ pictures… * It has been two weeks that I made my …

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Dec 15

Introductions and Exploration

Haven’t been online for the last few days. There is no internet in the dormitory, no WiFi at work and updating my blog in Starbucks really sucks. Yesterday I finally managed to get a mobile data simcard, so I can be “online” all time. I’ll tell you more about this later. But I did manage …

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Dec 11

24 Hours of Japan

————- I said on facebook that I would update my blog when my internet was stable enough.. Nope, ain’t gonna happen in this hotel It has a lot of trouble uploading/downloading from specific sites, so I’m using a workaround for my photos (slow loading, large files). When I have decent internet again, I will try …

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Dec 01

Preparing for an Adventure

It’s December and that means I need to update my website. The best and most expensive month of the year deserves this. Anyway, as many of you already know, I am leaving Holland for a while. Not because the Chinese are getting discriminated (which gets more attention than necessary) nor because the public transport is …

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