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May 26

BackTrackLog: Last hurrah!

It’s about time to wrap this one up. This last post has been stinging me for like a couple many many of months and surely everyone forgot I went to Japan. So here is my last post of my Japan internship before I revered back to my normal site (aka nothing but spam). As you …

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Nov 13

BackTrackLog: AnimeJapan 2014

Hello there! Welcome back to my blog It has almost been one year since my first Japan blog post so it is time that I start to wrap things up. My first BackTrackLog dates back to 22 March this year at Tokyo Big Sight. Being the Otaku as usual I tried to attend as many …

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Jun 02

Leaving Japan? Already left…

Yes, I wanted to make a farewell blog post before I left Japan. However due to crappy time management I ended up with 0 sleep and many stressful hours. In the end I didn’t have time to write a post. On 28th of May I left Japan for Hong Kong. But Victor, it is now …

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Apr 09

National Diet Building & Doraemon

I suppose you can kick me now, I didn’t post anything for a whole month. I disappointed my avid readers Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Prepare for lots and lots of short posts this month, I saved plenty of material to write about. I will start off with two places that …

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Feb 17

Snow Special Part 2: Wonder Festival 2014

On 9 February it was time for another otaku event! This event wasn’t as grandiose as Comiket but still fun to go. Wonder Festival is all about figurines and everything related to it. This meant a lot of limited rare goodies, sweaty otakus and photographing perverts. Because of the heavy snowfall the day before, I …

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