Feb 05

First Month of the Year

Hisashiburi! Yes, you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. I was thinking the same thing, so today was a good day to make a new post :) Most of the time I was just busy with work, like a proper full time job. We could only do “exciting” stuff in the weekends. I’ll give you some nice highlights of the last few weeks.

I wanted to see a movie in a Japanese cinema, so why not IMAX? There was one in Machida, which was around 30 minutes from my town. The cinema had two IMAX movies, one had George Clooney, the other Harrison Ford. I would chose Harrison Ford over Clooney any time, but that movie had some whiney kids. So I went with Sandra Bullock. The ticket was pretty expensive, actually it was the same as in The Netherlands. The popcorn was also ridiculous expensive like expected. I still enjoyed Gravity without any food or drinks.

The cinema had a lot of halls, a lot…

Next up is my first “Meetup” event. This site hosts varies meetups all around the world, creating possibilities for loners like me to meet new people. I heard from Cherry that we should try one, so we went to a meetup that had a boat trip on the Sumida river in Tokyo. Around 30 people were attending the event, foreigners and Japanese, enough choice for you to make a chat. The boat trip wasn’t all that spectacular. I don’t even remember anything about the scenery… In the end we had a dinner and went to see the night view of Senso-ji temple which I already visited on the 1st of January. I exchanged some emails and finally met some non-work related Japanese friends which I could talk with :)

Try to spot me on the right…

I forgot to mention that I had New Years party with my colleagues a few days before the meetup. The whole department was invited but only 20 or so people showed up. The department manager (highest boss in our department) was present though, I found out that he also studied Aerospace Engineering! That night was pretty hectic, I first had a welcoming party with my group members which was at a meat restaurant. After stuffing ourselves with expensive meat we went to the NY party of the department. This party was held in two different locations. To finish the tiresome day, we went with four persons to a nice hard-to-find bar. It was a nice experience to see colleagues outside the working atmosphere. I sadly don’t have any pictures, but it kinda looked inappropriate to take some…

Last week I went to Akihabara again! Suprise! No not really, but I wanted to buy a new camera that would fit in my shoulder bag. Sometimes my backpack (with camera) is just annoyingly large and not suitable for tight/crowded spaces in Japan. I received my internship salary, so I bought the Canon EOS M to join the family. A nice compact mirrorless camera that provides great quality for an unbeatable price. I did took me 4 hours to find a shop that had the Japan-only blue version of the camera… On my way home I met a, according to my colleague, famous street artist. I really like vocal+piano songs so I bought her CD. She was happy to sign it for this foreigner :cool:

From 300 Euro to 1000 Euro camera in one click and my precious CD…

Last up is my trip to Yokohama to celebrate Chinese New Year or also known as Lunar New Year. Last weekend China Town had various events so I thought it was a good idea to visit it. But me being me, I went to Yokohama just before evening began, which was too late. I got there, saw nothing but nothingless. Kinda sad that I wasted one hour to get there, I really wanted to try out my new camera during the event. Luckily China Town is just like any city in Japan, there are always nice things to see without an event. It was also a good chance to see how the EOS M performs in low light conditions.

China town is actually just a bunch of Chinese restaurants…

The camera equipped with pancake 22mm lens is a nice toy to have around. Especially if you like to photograph food :D

A Chinese eating Chinese food in a Chinese restaurant in China Town…

After eating enough Chinese dumpling I went home early. Had to wake up early the next day again!

It was kinda foggy at night…

That’s it for today. Coming weekend will be a four day long holiday. I’ll head out to some steamy place, so stay tuned ;)


See more photos here or just click on the slideshow below.


  1. Dick Groen

    Nice pictures Victor! Really cool little camera. I just bought a Panasonic TZ40 for my holiday.
    Don’t wat to walk with a bag of 8 kg of equipment.

    How was Gravity in IMAX? Must be pretty cool?

    1. Fikkie

      Looks nice the TZ40, compact cameras nowadays are so cheap and good. Nobody likes to walk all day with a bag full of equipment :)
      Yeah, Gravity was very nice in IMAX. Not sure if I would have watched it in a regular cinema. But definitely worth the extra price tag.

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