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Leaving Japan? Already left…

Yes, I wanted to make a farewell blog post before I left Japan. However due to crappy time management I ended up with 0 sleep and many stressful hours. In the end I didn’t have time to write a post. On 28th of May I left Japan for Hong Kong. But Victor, it is now 2 June! Yes, I had some family matters to attend here so I couldn’t access my laptop neither I had time.

So what will be the plan of my blog now? It will remain a blog, but I have to backtrack everything from my last post of 9th of April. I visited Doraemon museum mid February, this means there is a huge gap that I have to fill up. I hope that you will continue reading my blog after this post  to read my “interesting stories”.

IMG_5349aLeaving? Nope, already left…

Anyway I will give a short farewell message about the last weeks in Japan. A big farewell post about my whole experience is planned after I finished all the other yet-to-be-made posts.

After the Golden Week (which is a bunch of holidays after each other), 25 April till 6 May, I only had 1.5 weeks left to finish my internship assignment. The planning was tight and I had to work pretty long days to make sure I finished everything on time. On the 15th of May we had our final presentation in front of our department. I think we gave a fairly well presentation although it might have been difficult for most of the people to understand since they aren’t used to have an English presentation. Oh well, it was a good experience for us and them. On the last day, 16th, we had to pack all the stuff at our office and return our ID cards. This really marked the end of our internship since there was no way we could re-enter the building without a Nissan ID (on our own of course). There was a final farewell party at a cafe/restaurant where we gave our final speech and said goodbye. Most of our colleagues left after this but some remained for a karaoke afterparty and even after the karaoke a couple had enough energy another afterparty. In the end I went home around 3 am, pretty late considering I had to wake up the next day at 6am :P I will tell you about this day  in one of my back track posts.

IMG_0816aaMost of our colleagues aren’t even visible…

On 19 May we had to leave our dormitory and move all of our stuff to the hotels. My hotel was located near Minami-senju which is in the north-eastern part of Tokyo. The hotel was far from the station, but the station itself was very nice since the subway line went directly to Akihabara. Good for last-minute shopping. It was a real pain in the ass to move everything to my hotel room. I had two suitcases, two backpacks and two separate “pullcord?” bags. With a lot of improvisation and many breaks I reached my hotel after 3 hours (it usually takes 1.5 hours to get there). Only to find out that my room was rather small, really small. Unpacking everything meant that I didn’t have any place to sleep since my bed was my temporarily closet. The next day I had pack my stuff for a 5 day trip to Okinawa so it was pretty hectic that day. Again, I will tell you about this side-trip in another blog post.

chaoseverywhereChaos everywhere…

After getting a nice tan in Okinawa, it was time to wrap everything up and leave Japan. I had two days left for last-minute shopping (which I did) and to pack all the stuff into my suitcases. Which was a big problem. I had two big problems, one was that my stuff didn’t fit into my suitcase and the second was that it was waaaayyyy to heavy. I had to go to the post office twice to send everything in parcels back to Holland. A whopping 15 kg’s is currently on the way to my home. Hopefully everything will NOT be in pieces after I unpack it. After packing for more than 5 hours on the final day, I managed to reduce everything to 2 suitcases and two back packs. In total my check-in luggage was 41 kg’s and handcarry 14 kg’s. Which is over the limit of course. Luckily the Cathay Pacific crew was nice enough to let me pass without forking over lots of money.

chaosagainChaos again…

I actually almost missed my plane because I forgot that I was travelling during rush hour in Tokyo. My plane would leave at 10.30 from Haneda and I left my hotel at 07.00. Normally it would be okay during rush hour, you just need to push a bit to get on the train. However with two backpacks and two suitcases this is impossible. They won’t let you in and you can’t get in :P So I had to wait several trains until there was enough space. In the end I arrived 9.30 at Haneda Airport. For a domestic flight this would be fine, for international flight not so good. Officially the last check-in time is 40 minutes before departure so there was still some free time, but I rather just be a bit more earlier next time. Once my luggage was checked-in I was ready to say good bye to this beautiful country. I couldn’t have wished a better country to do my internship.

IMG_0969aToo bad I couldn’t go back in this robot, travelling Japanese style…


This is my last post that is in chronological order and also marks the end of my internship period. I am sorry I couldn’t keep up with updating my blog every two weeks. It seems that I’m just not made for blogging although I really like it. I will be happy to tell you about my internship in the back track posts that I will write in The Netherlands or if you can’t wait you call always contact me directly :)

Thank you for reading!

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