Apr 09

National Diet Building & Doraemon

I suppose you can kick me now, I didn’t post anything for a whole month. I disappointed my avid readers :( Oh well, nothing I can do about it now. Prepare for lots and lots of short posts this month, I saved plenty of material to write about. I will start off with two places that I visited the end of February. The first one as you would likely have noticed is a visit to the National Diet Building in Tokyo. You might find it a strange name and it is. This government building is used for political activities of the National Diet.

It does look better than the Dutch “Binnenhof”…

I visited this building with the Meetup group I had previously joined at the Sumida River tour. For merely 100 yen you can join this tour which is really nice since it is a real hassle if you want go alone. So this Meetup was an ideal opportunity to see the famous National Diet Building.

Actually the Meetup wasn’t that interesting. Most of the explanation was given in Japanese and you had to read the interesting information from your entry pamphlet. I couldn’t take any pictures inside too so not much action that day.

Try to spot me…

Overall the visit was quite boring but still worth to go. You actually go to these Meetups to join the dinner at night to have a chat with people. Meet new friends and speak English with Japanese! Too bad there weren’t any interesting girls :P

Bunch of people idling around…


Next up is the Fujiko-F-Fujio-museum, also known as the Doraemon museum. Doraemon is my childhood hero, mom had a bunch of old VHS with the blue kitty in Cantonese which I always watched when bored. I was really excited to see the museum. Together with Cherry we went to Kawasaki where the authors museum was. Not only Doraemon was featured but all of his creations had a story in this small building.

Yayyyy good old memories…

You can finish the museum in less than two hours which is a shame. I really wanted to enjoy more of the artwork and stories of Doraemon.  They even showed a short animation video of about 10 minutes featuring many characters of F. Fujio. At the exit you can buy a bunch of souvenirs to empty your wallet and bring home a blue kitty :) If you like any characters of the author you should definitely visit this place. Even the bus to the museum makes you smile.

Yes, I also emptied my wallet here…

In the same city, Kawasaki, there was also the shortest escalator in the world. Although they say it is the same city, it is pretty far far away. I never get how they divide all the geographic areas. Thinking it was close by, I thought it was worth the visit. Who wouldn’t want to ride the tiny, useless, inefficient escalator. It was a real pain to actually find that thing, maybe because it was so tiny. We had to walk through department store, up some stairs, down some stairs and get lost. Eventually we finally arrived at the escalator… which was not accessible. Lady luck was really with me and the whole area around the tiny stairs was under construction. Good thing you could still see the escalator from above and actually confirm it was there. Otherwise it would have been a waste of time to travel all the way to Kawasaki city center.

Will it disappear or just renovation?…

No one knows what will happen after the construction site is gone, maybe they decided that it was wasting energy so they will remove it. Or it just broke down. I will try to go here again if I’m in nearby.


To finish today’s post, some bad habit I picked up in Japan. Sometimes at the convenience store or supermarket they have leftover stuff near the cashier counter. Most of them are real garbage but some are worth looking at. When I spot trading cards that might be interesting I will just buy the package. In the end I have a bunch of worthless cards that I don’t like (a few exceptions of course). So now I have these cards at home:

Which girl do you like?…

Are these cards of AKB48 worth the 300 yen price tag? You can decide ;)


Enjoy the photos here or just below.

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