Feb 17

Snow Special Part 2: Wonder Festival 2014

On 9 February it was time for another otaku event! This event wasn’t as grandiose as Comiket but still fun to go. Wonder Festival is all about figurines and everything related to it. This meant a lot of limited rare goodies, sweaty otakus and photographing perverts. Because of the heavy snowfall the day before, I was kinda worried the event would be cancelled or that the trains to the Makuhari Messe would be suspended. Lucky for me non of this happened, the only problems were the delays that were accumulating during my trip. I ended up an hour after opening time which meant I lost all opportunity to score rare goodies :sad:.

Waking up for an otaku event means seeing the sunrise!…

Just like with Comiket, I will warn you about the content. It is less extreme than the previous one but it might still be not suitable for work or pure hearted people.

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Feb 17

Snow Special Part 1: Onsen and Odaiba

Maybe you have heard it on the news, but the last few days mother nature decided to unload a bucket of snow on Japan :neutral: The bucket was quite large since almost everything stopped functioning, including our dorm water boiler. It was a nice experience to take a cold shower after walking outside at 0 degrees Celsius. I had to blow off all plans that I had Saturday 8 February, the train refused to transport me to Tokyo. It was somehow expected since when I woke up and looked outside, it was very quiet on the highway next to our dorm.

It’s white no?…

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Feb 05

First Month of the Year

Hisashiburi! Yes, you might be wondering why I haven’t posted anything in a while. I was thinking the same thing, so today was a good day to make a new post :) Most of the time I was just busy with work, like a proper full time job. We could only do “exciting” stuff in the weekends. I’ll give you some nice highlights of the last few weeks.

I wanted to see a movie in a Japanese cinema, so why not IMAX? There was one in Machida, which was around 30 minutes from my town. The cinema had two IMAX movies, one had George Clooney, the other Harrison Ford. I would chose Harrison Ford over Clooney any time, but that movie had some whiney kids. So I went with Sandra Bullock. The ticket was pretty expensive, actually it was the same as in The Netherlands. The popcorn was also ridiculous expensive like expected. I still enjoyed Gravity without any food or drinks.

The cinema had a lot of halls, a lot…

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Jan 13

Tokyo Auto Salon 2014

It hasn’t been that long since my last post, but I don’t mind updating so frequently and hopefully you can keep up the reading ;). Yesterday on 12 January, I went to Tokyo Auto Salon 2014. It’s an 3-day annual event that takes place in Chiba, Makuhari Messe. The city is located ~40 km east from Tokyo, so for me living in the west it was a pretty long train ride.The show itself is as the name suggest an auto show. It is however less well known in the world because the whole event is overshadowed by Tokyo Motor Show which was at the end of November. Still, I felt it was worth going to. We had a national holiday (Coming of Age Celebration) on Monday so I could rest and do some blogging the day after the Auto Salon.

So Sunday was a nice and sunny day to head in a packed train (again) and arrive at a packed event hall (again). I wonder when I’m going to enjoy an event without getting crushed the whole day. Anyway, Makuhari Messe is half the size of Tokyo Big Sight where Comiket was but it was still pretty large. Enough to have 4 halls full of tuned cars, vans, booth girls and visitors.

Welcome to the show…

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Jan 09

Winter Holiday Part 3: Kyoto

This is the last part of the winter holiday posts and will be about my 3-day trip to Kyoto. Former capital of Japan and home of many many temples, this city was a must see for me. Kyoto is pretty “close” by and since I don’t have many free days left, I booked one week before I left a nice hotel and a train ticket to this beautiful city. Although I say it is close to Tokyo, ~400 km is pretty far away. Thanks to the bullet trains, you can reach Kyoto in 2-2.5 hours. On 2 January I went to Tokyo to take the Shinkansen to the city of temples.

Nozomi (left, fastest) and Hikari (second fastest)…

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